Our project

We are looking forward to get something concrete out of what previous ALM teams have researched, to actually implement the most competent ideas jointly with the community and our friends and partners in Mexico. The project areas we plan on exploring are: water availability and quality, tourism, and artesanía. Our objective is to help the community improve their access to good quality water through structural interventions co-designed with them. On the same line, we aim at fostering economic security – the capacity of planning for the future – for the El 20 people through development sustainable tourism and support of the artesans’ work.

Water Filter

To promote the access to clean water, we have decided follow previous year’s recommendations and implement a water filter to remove hardness from the groundwater. We aim to find filter materials that are found locally in the village. This is of a high importance for the long term function and maintenance of the filter. In Finland, we will build a prototype of a filter, which we will test both in Finland and El 20. At the end of our field trip, we will present our findings to the community and have a workshop with them on how they would and could build the filters by themselves in the village – after all, the community know the best what works there and what not! The project aims for improving community’s self-sufficiency on water sector.

Tourism & Artesanía

The objective of the economy-related set of activities is the community-led transition to a formal economy, and the reduction of the economic risk related to medical emergencies or unforeseeable income shocks. In practice, this means that we will work with the locals both to map and develop their current income sources (tourism and artesanía, other economic activities), and to create solutions to expand the effectiveness of the existing emergency fund.

How to follow the progress?

We will provide you a detailed look at the these both project areas through the blog posts, so stay tuned if you are curious about life in El 20 and you wish to know more about our work.


As the Sustainable Global Technologies studio course has reached its end, the updates in this site will be scarce in the future. Some work is still conducted, but mainly the project is wrapped up from our behalf. Thank you for following us and please see the final report below to learn about what was accomplished and what are the next steps for the project.


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