Meet the Team

Henna Jylhä
Henna is a fi_DSC0676rst-year master student of Water and Environmental engineering in Aalto University, and she will contribute to water filter project in the village of El 20. Her personal goal for the project is no less than to find the meaning of life (or at least her studies). Knitting socks is close to her heart and she is looking forward to sharing handcraft experiences with the villagers.

Juho Kaljunen
kuva_almSustainability close to his heart, Juho has studied environmental management and water and environmental tech. He will continue as a doctoral student after graduating in June 2018, focusing in nutrient recovery and recycling. For ALM project Juho will plan and develop the water filtration system for El 20.

Carolina Kansikas
Carolina is a double degree Master’s student candidate in Economics and CEMS MIM International Management at Aalto University School of Business. She will be taking care of the part of the project concerning the local economy of El 20, working with the development of tourism, artesanía, and communal funds. In addition, she will be taking care of the cost-benefit analysis of the structural water interventions proposed.



Heidi Konttinen
puolukat2.gifWhile design has traditionally been one of the most destructive professions both culturally and environmentally, it has also proved to have the power and tools to make the change into the systems. Heidi, with a background in industrial design, is seeking ways to use design for sustainability and equity. She believes that the solutions for the whole planet and people cannot be found only from the eurocentric knowledge system, but the key is to cherish the pluri-versity of knowledges. In El 20, she hopes to practice the co-design skills learned through her studies in Creative Sustainability and learn how western and Mayan knowledge could support the viability of the community.


Sara Saukkonen
skypeGlobal water issues and sustainability drove Sara to her engineering studies. She started her master studies in Water and Environmental Engineering together with Henna and she will be a part of the water filtration project in El 20. She hopes to have a positive impact and find ways for the villagers to become more self-sufficient in water availability.


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