If you leave (El 20), you are not smart

Keywords: Fractal, resilience, children of El 20, sunset, pupils, wood. October 3rd, a very special date for this blog, as it was the last official day in El 20. Part of our team stayed one more night, but Julia, Caro, and I (Claudia) left towards Bacalar and Uxuxubí respectively. I’ve lost count of my visits... Continue Reading →

Banana ash: Persistent knowledges

Day 6 at El 20 Keywords: Banana ash, knowledges, persistence, rollercoaster, moods, I should have used the baño when I had the chance, spontaneous The day started with Henna waking me up to go and see the sunrise. After overcoming the lull of my hammock, we headed towards the mountain. The way up weaved narrowly... Continue Reading →


Day 3 at El 20 Finland is so far away, and things that are normal here, such as waking up at 5.30 AM voluntarily, would never happen to me at home. This morning I experienced the most amazing sunrise ever, and sharing the moment with team members made it even more special. As the day... Continue Reading →

Post-disciplinary pink homely beginning

  We arrived to the Ejido 20 de Noviembre late on Thursday evening. Claudia Garduño, the project coordinator, travelled with us from Mexico City. In Chetumal, we had delicious tacos in a street restaurant while waiting for Julia Renko, a previous year ALM labber, to join us. She is writing her Master’s thesis on tourism development... Continue Reading →

From pipe to a filter

This week we have spent hours in laboratory building and testing the filter hydraulics following the example of the article “Performance evaluation of a locally developed domestic drinking water filter” (Bolaji et al, 2010). The filter prototype is ready for hardness removal tests and it’s time to take a look to our lab diary and... Continue Reading →

Charcoal from a Local Brewery

Happy news!!! We've got charcoal! We are now in the process of seeking and finding filter materials for the water filter and one of the things we've been looking for is charcoal. We could have used activated carbon, but it won't be locally available in a small community of El 20, so it would be... Continue Reading →

Building a Water Filter

Following long and thorough discussions, we (water team) decided to concentrate to build a low-tech filter to reduce water hardness in the village of El20. Making the decision was not easy, but once it was done, it was a relief to have only one thing to focus on. Also, after a while it felt an... Continue Reading →

¡Hola a todos!

Here is El 7 de Aalto team talking to you: Carolina, Heidi, Henna, Juho, and Sara. We are a group of Aalto students who will be traveling to Mexico this year 2018, to work with ejído 20 de Noviembre (El 20), a small Mayan community in the Campeche region. The project is part of  Aalto... Continue Reading →

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