Not just another project trip

Welcome to the first Diary post!

Some of us are more interested in reading and writing fiilistelyinformative essays related to the project, and others are more excited about feelings, ideas and insights and all the vibes around the adventure. That’s why we have also this Diary -section in the blog; something for everyone!

One might think that this is just another project trip, but not necessarily. Along with the ALM project, I started studying Spanish for practical reasons, but actually that feels like a minor reason now. The language is a window to a sunny and easy-going Latino culture. It’s impossible to stay grumpy in the morning class when your task is to squat when you spot a gerund construction from a song or something. Many times my homework session has suddenly been interrupted because I just must listen to music en español and dance like crazy.

Of course, I wish that our project will be successful, and our objectives will be met, but I would be fooling myself if I said that this is my only goal for the trip. Encountering people with positive attitude towards people and life can help to realize the potential of one’s own abilities and encourage to use them. That is also my aim for the project – empowerment of myself, villagers and the project participants through encountering others.

Finally, I want to finish this post by sharing a crazy must-dance song:

Amigos en México, ¡nos vemos en una semana!


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